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Which direction is this stock heading?
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BIDU is in a BASING channel with strengthening indicators. Trade above pivot suggests a BREAKOUT may occur and higher levels may lie ahead.
Which direction
is this stock heading?
AKAM is in a BASING channel with weakening indicators. Trade below 50 & 200dMA suggests lower levels may lie ahead
Stages of a Stock Cycle

Stock analysis & trading considerations for self-directed traders.

Proprietary scans identify stocks (NYSE & NASDAQ) positioned for higher levels near-term. Average holding period is 3 - 10 days (3 weeks max.). Average gain is 6% - 15% range. Stop-loss is typically 3% - 5%. These top-rated stocks are superior market leaders. Regimented buy / sell rules are KEY.

Apply a flexible trading strategy - hold timeframes vary with market conditions.

For investors seeking performance + risk control, this is a highly reliable strategy.


2016 -  07 trades,  04 win,  00 loss,  03 open (01/01 - 02/08)

2015 - 57 trades, 45 win

2014 - 42 trades, 34 win

2013 - 44 trades, 44 win


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57 trades, 45 winners 
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42 trades, 34 winners
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