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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Selective Chartists provides stock analysis and trading ideas to self-directed traders with focus on NYSE & NASDAQ growth stocks. This risk-controlled, market / time-tested, proprietary methodology generates a narrow list of stocks with high-probability for near-term price appreciation meeting SC criteria. 

To succeed in the market, you must have discipline, a flexible trading strategy and patience for indicators to trigger price targets. No one can be right 100% of the time. A successful investor is one who is right more often than wrong and utilize indicators to eliminate emotions of greed and fear. Apply these principles and probability for profitable trades increase significantly.

Q. What is unique from other stock related services?

A. Proprietary algorithmic scans comprising of a blended combination of indicators have produced an exceptional record of winning trades in both good and bad markets. Typical holding period ranges from 3 - 10 days (subject to market variables).

 criteria for producing top stocks.

Q. How long have you been in business?

 A. Full-time trader since 2000.

Q. Is there a track-record?

A. Subscribers have varied trading styles and obtain different results from the same charts. However, archives of postings are available for viewing. Judge for yourself the soundness of the analysis / information provided.  

 Q. Are trades meant to be held for short-term or long-term? 

A. Holding period is subject to market variables as may trigger 
buy / sell considerations.

 Stocks mentioned in our reports are sold when:

  • Stop-loss triggered protecting losses of 5% - 7% below buy price. 
  • Trade below key support.  
  • Negative news surfaces imposing risk and concern. 
  • Upside target is achieved and/or becomes extended (lock-in profit)   
  • Stock is stagnant when overall market rises (healthy stocks rise with market).

   Selective Chartists promotes a flexible trading strategy, not a buy & hold philosophy.

To learn more regarding buy & sell considerations, visit our Education Section and view Rules Of Investing

Q. Do you apply Fundamental Analysis or Technical Analysis?

A. BOTH - technical analysis is applied to fundamentally sound companies.

Q. Do you short stocks?  

A. NO. Shorting imposes unlimited risk and may not be fully understood for beginner investors.

Q. Do you announce your trades?

A. YES. Subscribers are notified when price alerts are triggered.

Q. Why should I subscribe to this service?

A. Traders know it takes hours to identify exceptional trading candidates. As a subscriber, this is done for you. 

Charts are used to target prices for maximizing gains, minimize losses. You will acquire a knowledge that enables self-sufficiency to make investment decisions, and not rely on advice from others.

Q. What products and services do you provide?

 A. Daily, prior to market open a Top Stocks report is posted identifying trading considerations. Email ALERTS provided as desired price(s) are triggered. 

Weekend reports are posted consisting of a watch list for the upcoming week and an overview of the Big Picture.

Monthly & Quarterly reports are available.

Also, an instructional publication e-book, The ART Of The CHART.   FREE for subscribers.   

 Q. How can I best utilize the site? 

 A. Find here information that is helpful for considerations.

Q. What is the cost of your service?

A. $14.95 monthly, or $39.95 quarterly.

Q. Do you offer a free trial period?

A. YES - A 30-day Free Trial allowing plenty of time to determine if you would benefit utilizing the service.

Q. Why do you ask for a credit card number for a Free Trial?

A. After 30 days, your credit card will be charged $14.95 or $39.95 unless cancel within 30-day term.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

A. Yes. Login, click on member info tab, then click CANCEL.

Q. If I subscribe then change my mind, do you offer refunds?

A. Upon completion of 30-day free trial, you determine to become a subscriber or not. No refunds.

Q. I cancelled my subscription, why am I still receiving e-mail alerts?

A. You will continue to receive e-mails until your cancellation is official (date of term-ending).

Q. How do I change / update my e-mail address, credit card, phone #, profile, etc.?

A. Login, go to member info tab. Changes to update your profile are made here.

Q. When I print a page from the website, the page is not printing properly.

 A. Click on the printer icon on page for “user friendly print capability”.

 Q. How
do I ask a question(s) or provide constructive suggestions to enhance the website?
 A. provide e-mail to:

 Q. If I have questions re stocks I own or want to buy /sell, can I contact you?

A. Send an email or call. I will provide my opinion (but not advice as not a registered investment advisor).












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