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By Joseph E. Majocha


“Charts provide a picture of where a stock has historically been and where it is currently trading. Charts can be used to time buy and sell price points, maximizing gains, minimize losses and to warn the investor that something may be changing in the performance of the stock. Chart analysis can be valuable as proper interpretation can greatly enhance investment decisions.” – from Introduction by Joe Majocha.

From the basic question, What is stock trading? -  The Art of the Chart guides you through need-to-know concepts of technical analysis. 60 charts are displayed that clarify key points. Topics are presented in a logical order and build upon knowledge from one chapter to the next, providing insight to the decision making process of buying / selling, when & why.

Using a workbook format, you’ll learn the following:

  • Determine the stage a stock or index is trading in:
    - The 4 stages are: BASING, ADVANCING, TOPPING and DECLINING
  • Identify conditions that transition a stock from one stage to another.
  • Interpret charts of stocks, major indexes & sectors. 
  • Master concepts of relative strength (RSI), momentum (MACD) & overbought / oversold conditions.
  • Use price and volume patterns to identify breakouts.
  • Interpret moving averages (20, 50, 100, 200-day (dMA).
  • Analyze peaks, troughs and trendlines that can signal a change in the prevailing direction.
  • Apply common sense trading strategies.
  • Understand key concepts, indicators and terminologies used in chart analysis.
  • The importance of adapting a flexible trading strategy.
  • Know when and why to buy & sell stocks.

Ø       Ultimately - Investment Decisions Based On Knowledge

The ART Of The CHART is a definitive must have guide for every investor, analyst, and trader of all experience levels. Learn about author Joe Majocha, Selective Chartists, and how to receive more stock market trading tips.


This book requires Acrobat Reader Version 11.0 (or higher).  It can be downloaded here. Adobe Reader



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