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Top Stocks 11/15

Top Stocks          Published daily prior to market opening.

Stocks meeting criteria & poised for higher levels near-term.

Climate:   UP-TREND (but under pressure)

This morning, futures are displaying a MIXED opening.

Subscribers are alerted of BUY / SELL considerations when they develop. 

In general, BUY within 5% of Pivot, stop-loss 5 - 7% below purchase price.

Highlighted are meeting criteria - BUY consideration.
Non-highlighted are close but need pullback for optimum entry price.

Dates provided are earnings schedule.

Hewlett-Packard (HPQ)   11/23    

Facebook (FB)                 11/26

Wells Fargo (WFC)              01/15

Bristol Myers (BMY)            01/25

Disney (DIS)                      02/01

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