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CVS (CVS) - Advancing $102.55

CVS (CVS)   Services - Retail / Drugs

Purpose of this Analysis:
> Identify the stage in which the stock is trading.
> Identify key levels of Resistance & Support.
> Analyze technical indicators that may provide insight to direction of stock price.

The 4 Market Stages are: Basing, Advancing, Topping & Declining



- Pivot Point is $98.37 - Current price is $102.55
Next resistance N/A as setting new highs
- Trading ABOVE 20 & 50-day Moving Average (dMA)
- Rising Relative Strength Index (RSI)
- Positive MACD (momentum indicator)
- Above Average Buying Volume
- Pullback held $100.00 support
- Trade below $100.00 would be negative with next support $97.50

Pivot Point: The price that is $0.10 (10 cents) above the most recent resistance (intra-day high) within its base.

Definition of a Breakout: The stock achieves a higher price greater than previous resistance on surging volume of 2x greater than normal daily trading volume.

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