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Few Stocks Meeting Criteria

On Thursday, disappointing economic reports fueld a broad decline in higher volume. The loss was the 2nd in a row and raises attention that a pullback is in progress. The good news is that the pullbacks may help leading stocks to digest gains and rebuild momentum. The market climate currently is HIGH RISK. However, it is prudent to be aware of the stocks that are close / meeting the criteria. Candidates for purchase considerations should be monitored closely in case a rally were to materialize.

Focus on stocks meeting the CRITERIA. 

This morning, futures are displaying a HIGHER opening

Climate is
- UPTREND (but under pressure as pullback in progress)


(Top candidates poised for higher levels near-term).
In general, BUY within 5% of Pivot, stop-loss 7% below buy price

Earnings dates are provided as holding into the news may add high volatility.

Target (TGT)              02/27
Colgate (CL)              04/25
Dollar Tree (DLTR)      02/27
Pfizer (PFE)               June
Anheuser (BUD)         03/08
Comcast (CMCSA)       reported 02/12
Visa (V)                    reported 02/06

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