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Dow Jones Ind., Nasdaq Composite, SP 500

Big Picture Snapshot     03-10-2013
Published WEEKLY on Sunday 12:00pm

GOAL of this Analysis:
> Major indexes are featured providing insight to overall prevailing direction.

> Identify the stage in which the Indexes are trading.

The 4 Market stages are: Basing, Advancing, Topping &
Current Market Stage:   
ADVANCING (challenging 5 yr. overhead resistance)

Color Key for indices noted below:

Green  (Bullish) - ABOVE 20 & 50-day Moving Averages (dMA)

ORANGE (Caution) - BELOW 20 & ABOVE 50dMA or ABOVE 20dMA & BELOW the 50dMA.

RED (Bearish) - BELOW 20 & 50dMA

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