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Top Stocks 02/07/2018 - AMZN, AMD, MU, NFLX, NVDA

Market Climate UP-TREND 

A daily computer-generated watch list of NYSE & NASDAQ growth stocks
meeting SC criteria.

Proprietary scans consisting of a combination of indicators surface a narrow list of stocks
offering highest probability for price appreciation near-term. T
ime-tested methodology
proven highly successfull in good and bad market climates. criteria for top stocks

E-mail alerts when price targets trigger trade considerations (BUY/SELL/HOLD).
In general, BUY within 5% of Pivot, stop-loss 5 - 7% below purchase price.

Meeting SC criteria:             Earnings   meeting criteria - BUY (consideration)
Amazon (AMZN)                   04/25
Nvidea (NVDA)                     02/08
Micron (MU)                          03/21
Netflix (NFLX)                       04/16

SC is buying into AMZN & MU since dip in morning. Have various prices stemming from higher highs / low step functions.  SC criteria is close to materialize for a few stocks that are becoming trade considerations.  AMZN & MU - BUY...   higher highs for both.

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