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Selective Chartists Msg. From Founder

Hello and welcome to Selective Chartists. I am Joe Majocha, full-time trader (NYSE & NASDAQ growth stocks) since 2000 and founder of SC. When I first started investing in the stock market, I set a goal to apply disciplined investment decisions that would result in high probability for profitable trades. My ultimate goal was to become adept at recognizing conditions that trigger buy / sell strategies and allow trading the market  full-time.

To enhance my investment education, purchased books, subscribed to newsletters, website services, evaluated trading programs and attended seminars related to the stock market. As exposure to information increased, there were times when I reached saturation and confusion. 

Trading the stock market full-time has been achieved and a forum to teach trading principles has resulted in Selective Chartists. Key concepts essential to become a successful trader are presented. 

Uniqueness lies in proprietary scans resulting in an exceptional record of winning trades.

“Investment Decisions Based On Knowledge.”

Who Will Benefit:

Anyone interested in the stock market seeking essential concepts of investing.   

Beginner investor wanting to invest but do not know how / where to start.

Part-time investor could benefit from receiving Alerts and intra-day trade considerations.

Seasoned investors to improve assessment of technical analysis identifying stocks poised for higher levels.  

Financial Planners, Investment Advisors, Hedge Funds & self-directed traders.   

Brokers seeking a source of information for investment considerations.   

Investment Club members seeking an encompassing educational site.   

University business / financial students utilizing the site & E-Book as a learning guide.

Thank you for considering SC your source for investment education & trading considerations. 

Joe Majocha
Selective Chartists

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